Global Programmes

  • Emergency Response
    Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground when an emergency strikes, helping immediately

  • Orphans

    The Orphan Sponsorship programme supports an orphans family, ensuring children progress in life

  • Climate Change

    We enable communities to better protect themselves from the impact of disasters caused by climate change

  • Qurbani

    We have conducted Qurbani since 1986 and last year distributed fresh meat to over 3.5 million people in 30 countries

  • Food and Nutrition
    Food solutions are being implemented all over the world for families to have enough to eat all year round

  • Health

    We build hospitals and clinics, supply life-saving medical equipment and supplies

  • Education

    We work to ensure all children receive primary education as well as adults receive training

  • Zakat

    We utilise zakat to help some of the poorest, most needy, and the most destitute people on the planet

  • Water for Life
    We build water systems, trying to ensure that the locals never need help to access water again

  • Livelihoods

    We aim to give people a chance to stand on their own feet and provide for themselves

  • Ramadan

    We distribute food packs for iftar to millions of people during Ramadan around the world