Orphans and Child Welfare

Orphans Sponsorship Program

Islamic Relief Afghanistan started its Orphans Sponsorship Programme in 2002, in the OSP program those orphans are included who have no means of subsistence for survival, they are being sponsored and have received sponsorship cash and improved their livelihood. Currently 3555  orphans are included in the OSP  sponsorship support and 882 orphans are phased out due to over aged 18 years, each orphan receives 78 Euros per quarter through his/her bank account. The OSP is the biggest project we are implementing in Afghanistan with the plan to increase the number of orphans to 4500 by December 2018. Islamic Relief Afghanistan’s Orphans Sponsorship Programme (OSP) has been carrying out in Nangarhar, Bamyan and Mazar Sharif where IRA has its interventions and other short term projects. The OSP project aims to fulfill the educational, nutritional, health and other basic needs of the orphan children through sponsorship program. This program is funded by individual donors in different countries, According to the nature of OSP program & its policy there is no any limitation for inclusion of new orphans who fulfill the criteria should be included in OSP program. The annual report collection is must for each registered orphan once a year.