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According to the Country Census 2011, over all literacy rate in India is 66% – male literacy 72% and female literacy 58%. Unequal access to education is evident across the gender and social classes.

Though India has achieved almost universal enrolment at primary level, only 86.05%, enrolling in grade 1 this does not reflect in grade 5, hence there is a high dropout rate, especially amongst the marginalised groups including Muslim Minorities.

The ratio of educated above higher secondary is much lower for the Muslims and SCs and STs compared to overall population.

Besides this, the quality of education is also a matter of serious concern. According to a survey, only 47% of standard 5 children could read the text meant for standard 2.These figures suggest that both inclusiveness and quality of education need urgent attention.

Male literacy rate 72%
Female literacy rate 58%

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